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A word from our Pastor;

God's intention for His church is that we become a community  
that is led and grown by His Word.  God's desire is for His church
to become a Christ- centered family.

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If there is any way we can serve you, don't hesitate to contact us.

Pastor/Teacher  Avi Porat

Meeting time Sunday at 2:15 p.m.

Cokes Chapel
4096 Lower Fayetteville Rd.
Sharpsburg, GA  30277

Phone # 678-913-3745
Pastor Avi Porat  was raised in
Israel and is fluent in Hebrew and
English.  He became a Christian
Jew and is able to explain the
Scriptures from a historical,
cultural, and spiritual Jewish

He also serves on the board of
directors for Coweta Pregnancy
Services (CPS) , a pro life
organization in Newnan, Ga
SGM Bible Church  "Unleashing God's word from a Jewish perspective"   


All used book order is cash only and non refundable.

Contact Person: Mrs Kidsanee @678-913-3745 or email

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Saxon Math 54, second edition: student book, teacher book, solution (3)   $15.00

Saxon Math 54, second edition
:student book, solution, test form (3)    $15.00

Saxon Math 54, third edition
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Saxon Math 65, second edition
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Abeka 3rd grade : Pilgrim's Progress , Footprints   (set of 2 books, $2.00)

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Saved at Sea, Liberty Tree , Trails to Explore     
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          Noah Webster , Adventures in Nature (Speed and Comprehension)
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Abeka 6th grade: Message of the Mountain , Billy Sunday , Mountain Pathways
                   Of America 2 , Adventures in Greatness (Speed & Comprehension)
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Abeka 3rd grade:
   Our American Heritage text bk  ($1) ,
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Abeka 11th grade: Video Manual English 11 Lesson Plans  ($5)

Contact Person: Mrs. Kidsanee's  ph# 678-913-3745 or
            email :

All order is cash only and non-refundable

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